Significant Research Projects


Head of Research on the following research projects:


·        “Diaplous”: Study and documentation of the main defense / religious monuments and paths in the North Aegean Region, University of the Aegean, National Operational Plan “Information Society’ [2005 -2008]


·        Creation of a research and digital documentation system of North Aegean’s Musical Culture, National Operational Plan “Information Society’ [2005 -2008]


·        “Defense Systems in the Mediterranean Countries”, Euromed Heritage II – European Commission,, EU: Training programme in new technologies offered to experts from 6 different Mediterranean countries  on cultural managements and documentation, cultural networking, in relation to Mediterranean defense systems [2003-2007]


  • New entrepreneurship for the North Aegean Region – “A new Life Perspective”, European Community Initiative “EQUAL”:

    “Abolishment of inequalities and discrimination in employment and job creation concerning special needs individuals – Facilitation of their access to the labour market”,  European Commission, EU, Ministry of Labour [2004 -2005]


·        Research on Youth, European Commission, Programme “Youthstart”, General Secretariat for Youth [2003]


·        ORPHEAS Programme: Local Strategy for Employment in the Sustainability Sector,  European Social Fund Innovative measures- North Aegean Regional Authority [2003 -2005]


·        Establishment of a Study on the Creation of a Technological Network and Innovation Park, North Aegean Regional [2004-2005]


Other Activities


 International Cooperation in Projects with :


The European Commission, the European Parliament, Institute of Social Research in Frankfurt, Mediterranean Studies Institute, National Centre for Social Research, University of Kassel (Germany), European Committee of the Regions, Michigan State University (Study Abroad Program) , University of Murcia (Spain), “Cultnat”, Bibliotheque Alexandrine, Egypt.


Since 1995 S. Chtouris has established and been the director of the Social Cultural Communication and Digital Documentation Laboratory in Mytilini, in the framework of the Sociology Department of the university of the Aegean. One of its main tasks is to achieve a more systematic interaction between social sciences and Information and Communication Technology.


  Selected  Publications  



Chtouris Sotiris, “Musical Crossroads in the Aegean – Lemnos, 19th and 20th century”, to be published in 2008


Chtouris Sotiris, “ImagesMessages and Interpretations”, Trajectories and Exercises on Sociological Theory, Research Methodology and Observation, Polytropon editions,Athens, 2005 


Chtouris Sotiris,,   Employment, Mobility, Social Networks and Labour Market Segmentation in the Insular North Aegean, Region, Greece.  North Aegean, Region, European Social Fund,  Mytilini  2005


Chtouris Sotiris  et. al. Strategic Plan, for the Promotion of Employment in the Region of North Aegean., North Aegean, Region, European Social Fund,   Mytilini  2005


The state of youth in contemporary Greece. Chtouris, S., Zissi, A., Papanis, S. and Rontos, K.. (accepted for publication in the international review Young -2005)


Chtouris Sotiris, “Rational symbolic networks, Global States and National Hobbits, Nesos editions, Athens, 2004.


Chtouris Sotiris, “Musical Crossroads in the Aegean – Lesvos, 19th and 20th century” (book and 5 CDs), Exantas editions, Athens, 2000.


Chtouris S., “Post-industrial Society and the  Infomational Society  “, Ellinika Grammata editions; Athens,  1997.


Chtouris S.,.Heidenreich E., Detlev I. : “Von der Wildnis  zum Urbanen Raum. Zur Logik Periphere Verstaedterung» , (The Logic of Urbanization in the Periphery) ,  Frankfurt 1993, (Campus editions, Frankfurt, N.Y. )  (P.212)




1.      Chtouris S., “Muslim Minorities in Greece – From Traditional Rural Communities to Migrant Network Communities: The Emergence of a Global Underclass”. Forthcoming in  “Muslim Voices in the European Union: The Stranger Within, Community, Identity and Employment”,  (Forhtcoming Ed. P. Glavanis, Univ.of Manchester).

2.      Chtouris S.,“Thrace : A complex Cultural Geography “,  In:  Music of  Thrace, An Inderdjsciplinary  Approach, Evro.  ( English , Greek), The Friends of Music mousikis”, Athens , (1999). (P37-111)

3.      Chtouris S. ,“Social differentiation, Social groups and Social policy : Modern Changes in Social Policies and the Issue of Social Exclusion.”, collective volume, ed. by  Th. Sakelaropoulos, Kritiki editions, Athens, 1998. (P 183-251)

4.      Chtouris S.,  “Social and cultural differentiation, Thrace and its Cultural Networks”, Forthcoming  in:  “Documentation, Study and Presentation of Thrace’s Musical and Dance Tradition” ( with L. Droulia, L Liavas, M. Terzopoulou,  P.  Kavouras),  The Friends of Music , Athens , 1997. (P 51)

5.      Chtouris S., “Networks as an analytical methods and tool, in reference to the Culture and Technology”. Forthcoming in : “Communication and Cultural Networks in the Aegean”,  Colloquium on Culture in Samos,  Demetriou Cultural  Foundation, Poreia editions,  1997  (10-75)

6.      Chtouris S., “Die Staedte Athens”,  in: Stadt und Region, Stadtregion, Ed. Detlev Ipsen,  Kassel 1995  (P. 115-180)

7.      Chtouris S. “Traditional and Modern Networks in the Aegean. Theoretical and methodological conditions for an anthropological and sociological study of the Mediterranean Culture indexes”, in: Guidelines and conditions for a multi-disciplinary study,  Athens, 1995. (P 37- 62)

8.      Chtouris S., “Das Verhaeltnis zwischen gesellschaftlicer und staatlicher  Regulation der Stadtentwicklung in Athen, in Rom, Madrid, Athen. Die neue Rolle der staedtischen Peripherie”. Ed. Kreibich V., et. al. , Dortmund 1993, ( P.194-200)

9.      Chtouris  S., Heidenreich E., Detlev I., “Gesellschaftlicher  Regulation und lokale Politik, Untersuchungen  zur peripheren Verstaedterung”, In: Politik in Europaeischen  Staedten,  Heinelt Hubert,  Mayer Margit (ed). , Basel, Boston, Berlin, 1993 (P.239-285)

10.  Chtouris S., Heidenreich E., Detlev I., Εine Stadt baut sich selber. Formen der Selbstregulation in der  Stadtentwicklung, Das Beispiel Athen»,  in:  Metropole Weltstadt, Global City: Neue Formen der Urbanisierung. (Ed.) Ursula von Petz,  Klaus M. Schmals,    IRPUD,  Dortmund, 1992 (217-234)





Conferences in  2005

 “Small and medium states and their societies in the European Union”:

Social, political and cultural identities in the smaller member states of the European Union. 

  Chairman of the scientific and Organizing committee

Organized by:   

§         The University of the Aegean, Department of Sociology

§         Greek Universities Association of European Studies  

 With the support of the European Commission Delegation and the European Parliament Office in Athens.  Νovember 26, 27 2005,  Mytilini .


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